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We're just some regular guys with a long history in hair who wanted to create the best products ever.

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We've worked relentlessly over the last 15 months to find the perfect balance of the best ingredients available, and have developed a lineup of top-performance styling products as our flagship launch into the industry. We believe in the quality of these products so much that we've funded everything out of our own pockets, sacrificed countless hours away from our families, and given everything we've got to develop what you see here.


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Quality Matters.

If you're going to be putting something on your dome every single day, it had better be truly high-quality stuff. We strive for purity. We've designed our products to abide by some of the most rigid international health standards, because we can. Your hair matters.

Why we're doing this:

We started this company to set a new standard. To create products that we'd use forever. To proudly stand behind something that mattered. To bring confidence, cleanliness and celebrity-level sex appeal to our customers and friends.

Now they're here, and we can't wait for you to try them. Let's rise together. 

Drive fast, speak your mind
(and be the best-smelling person in the room).

Welcome to The Cardinal Brand.

We're a no-nonsense grooming and hair product company who decided to take the top-shelf approach to beauty.

Our products use the best ingredients available, rely on our decades of combined professional experience within the industry, and most importantly: they smell really good and work marvelously.

When we say The Cardinal Brand is the best out there: it's because we mean it.

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